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Bridal Beauty: Hair & There


I've always been experimental with my hair. Although I've never done anything TOO crazy, I like to keep things fresh and different. I've never had the same style/color of hair for a full year, my stylist loves it because I always want something new. Throughout the years I've gone from blunt bangs, to chin length, to fire-engine red to black to blonde to my current obsession: ombre.

I've also come to realize in my old age of 28, I'm not the best at styling my hair. The best I can do is blow dry, maybe a little flat iron or air dry and hope that it waves in the right spots. My MOH calls me "hair-challenged" with my styling techniques as I can never seem to position the curling iron in the right spot (it has something to do with hand-eye coordination, which is also why I never made the basketball team in high school). Most of the time I end up burning my neck.

But my hair shall not fear! A few weeks ago I found Martha Stewart Weddings "DIY Wedding Hairstyles."

Even though I'm not planning on doing my hair myself, this article is great for inspiration. So far, I was thinking of having my hair down a la Kim Kardashian's second wedding look from her marriage to Kris Humphries. I love the look of the volume of hair pulled to one side. It's very vintage and sexy without being overly done. Look No.3 Pressed Waves is similar to what I would like to have on my wedding day. The face framing curls aren't too much for a subtle look, and it's just as polished as any updo.

To get this look via Martha Stewart Weddings:

  • Spray damp roots with a thickening lotion or root booster, twist pieces of hair and pin them back. Next blow dry each one with a round brush, bending the ends under.
  • Take a 2-inch section of hair from the front of your head and mist it with medium-hold hairspray. Curl it under with a 1-inch-barreled curling iron, and hold for 5 seconds before releasing.
  • Roll the ringlet up around your finger to create a circle, and secure with a clip that won't form creases. Repeat, working from your forehead to the nape of your neck, curling, twirling, and pinning until your hair is up. Let the curls cool for 10 minutes to help set the style.
  • Unclip the bottom third of your curls, spritz them with hair spray, and lightly brush the ringlets into waves with a paddle brush. Repeat with every pinned-up layer until your hair is combed out, and rub a drop of serum onto your ends for extra shine.

Also available for a test-run on Martha Stewart Weddings is The Braided Updo, The Sleek Bun, The New French Twist. Although I'm still undecided on how to style my hair for my wedding, I'm going to try these great tips on my quest for the perfect wedding day 'do.

How did you wear your hair for your wedding day? Post pictures in the comments, I want to see!


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