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Bridal Beauty Tips & Tricks, Round 1


I remember when I was 19, I was a Bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. For the most part she was an easy-going Bride, but she was adamant about two things--her hair and her makeup. While the rest of the Bridal party waited in the salon for their turn in the hot seat, my cousin was instructing her Glam Squad that she wanted her hair out of her face and simple. She said that she didn't want to know she even had hair--it was also the middle of August. Her makeup was very simple as the artist just accented her natural features giving her that extra boost to become simply gorgeous.

When it was my turn in the hot seat, I told the stylist to have some fun. She looked at me like I had three heads. I looked at her and said, "You're the expert, tell me what you think will look good and we'll go from there." Relieved to be given some artistic freedom she twisted my hair into a funky bun and swept my long layers to one side. The makeup was even better. Like my cousin, she accented my natural features using warm tones. She brought out my eyes with a smoky purple shadow and a nude lip, at the time it was very J.Lo.

This brings us back to the matter at hand--looking your best on your wedding day. Every bride wants to feel like a million bucks, and there are plenty of tools and advice available on the internet that can help you do so. The Bridal Beauty section on The Knot allows you to choose from 200+ wedding hairstyle photos as well as a virtual wedding makeover studio and bridal beauty makeup tips.

Style Me Pretty has a Makeup Tutorial from Sonia Roselli in its DIY section. And our very own featured Bridal Beauty Advice from Real Women that showcased Brides after the nuptials revealing what they wished they would have done differently with their wedding look.

One of the best pieces of advice former Bride's can give to Brides-to-be is to stay true to yourself and show your personality in the way you look. Also consider the season and venue when you pick a wedding hair and makeup style--outdoor summer brides, according to The Knot, might prefer an updo (like my cousin).

Do you have any tips and tricks that you plan on trying on your wedding day?


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