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Bridal Bouquets I'm Loving Right Now


You know how women sometimes have "Babies on the brain?" I have flowers on the brain. So far, choosing flowers or even attempting to figure out color schemes has been the most difficult task thus far. Dress? Piece of cake! Venue? Even easier! Fiance? Couldn't have picked anyone better.

I've been obsessing over Pinterest, looking for flower inspiration. I've pinned about a dozen bouquets and I am no where near a decision. I don't really have to be any time soon, but there are just so many options!

Here's what I'm liking so far:

Country Wedding Bouquet--I love the pale pastel colors, even though the colors are slightly soft and "baby-like" there is still an element of sophistication.

Seeing Red--The bright red in this bouquet adds GLAM. It takes a country wedding bouquet to the next level.

Backyard Wedding Bouquet--I could see a bride walking down the aisle in her own backyard, for a daytime wedding carrying this bouquet.

Bouquet of Roses-- This is probably one of the more perfect bouquets I've ever seen. The different sized roses and slight variation in color from white to blush makes it so sophisticated. I would be stopping to smell the roses my entire walk down the aisle.

Fall Wedding Bouquet--The harvest colors in this bouquet add a very unique element for a rustic-farm themed wedding.

Vibrant Color Bouquet-- The reds, yellows and oranges make this bouquet pop!

All White Bouquet-- A beautiful mixture of multiple types of white flowers make this gorgeous bouquet a top contender for this bride-to-be.

Royal Bouquet--This royal blue, purple and yellow bouquet screams to be noticed. It's the perfect amount of each color and will add a pop of color to any wedding party.


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