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Bride Wars: The Date Edition


Before we could plan happily ever after, we had to jump threw a few hurdles.  After we became engaged, I noticed that many more couples on my Facebook Newsfeed had also become engaged, including two of our friends shortly after we did. We couldn't happier for them. However, once our friends were engaged the competition of who could have a better wedding went into full swing. Both of us, C* and I wanted the same date and the same type of venue.

Cue Candice Bergen in the little office with the big appointment book with all of the available dates for The Plaza...but it wasn't The Plaza, it was real life and I began to panic. I would play Anne Hathaway, obviously.

Before we picked "our date" we had wanted the perfect little October wedding. October 13, 2012 to be exact. 10/13/12, it had a nice ring to it and it just felt like "us."

While in the middle of my venue research I recieved an email from C* asking how planning was coming along. We swapped stories and stumbled upon the fact that we were both shopping around the same date and the same venues. The question was, who would book first?

At the time, Jeremiah and I were still finalizing our budgets and figuring out where most of the money would come from. I recieved an email from C* not too long after saying she booked a date and a venue. The venue was not one I was scouting, but the date: October 12, 2012. One day before the perfect wedding date I wanted. Not quite snaking me out of my date, but close enough to make it inconvenient. One of our best friends, and my fiance's Groomsmen would be the Best Man at C*'s Wedding. She had turned it into Bride Wars.

Once I realized that October 13, 2012 was out of the question (not because C* picked the day before, but for budgeting reasons) we looked into the month of November in 2012.

Hoping to be as close to October as possible with a better weather guarentee, we approached Highlands Country Club with November 3, 2012. Adrienne informed us that we were one day too late. She had just accepted a deposit for that date from another couple. Now, had I not known that C* already booked her date and time I would have immediately thought it was her. I'm telling you, wedding planning makes you think and do some crazy things.

Our next Wedding Date option was November 10, 2012. 11/10/12. I called Adrienne and I told her that I could drive over and physically hand her the check for the deposit if she would just keep the date open. Luckily, we didn't have a moment like at the end of the movie where Anne Hathaway's character chases after Kate Hudson's character, but believe me I was prepared with running sneakers.


*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of the date stealer.


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