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Bucking the Bridal Trends

When people ask me what sort of wedding I’m having—traditional or modern, formal or laid-back—I find I hard it to categorize. For some aspects of the big day, I’m downright militant in my desire to adhere to family customs: a long Catholic ceremony early in the day, Dad walking me down the aisle, modest food at the cocktail hour followed by a formal sit-down meal. But in other respects, I’m not at all concerned about abiding by the norms. For example, we’ve opted to send fun, informal postcards in lieu of fancy save-the-dates, and are thrilled to have a DJ spin our music—no matter how many people say that a band is classier. And we’re even considering (gasp!) not registering for traditional china.

In a way, my wedding planning process so far has really just been an ongoing evaluation of old traditions and current trends, figuring out which ones are best suited to us. I’ll admit it’s a lot easier to say “no way” to the things I don’t want to do than to commit to those I do. Here are three things I’ll definitely be nixing at my nuptials:

1. Changing out of THE DRESS. Every time I hear about a bride swapping her big, beautiful gown for a short, casual dress for the reception, I cringe. I ordered my gown four months ago and I’ve thought about it every day since then. I’m going to be devastated when I have to take it off at the end of my 12-hour day of wedding festivities as it is, so I can’t imagine wanting to change out of it after the ceremony!

2. The garter. This is one tradition I’d love to see fall by the wayside. My skin crawls at the thought of the awkwardness of a garter-removing ritual—the “sexy” music, the red-faced bride, and an equally red-faced groom under her skirt. These antics, I feel, are best saved for the privacy of the honeymoon suite.

3. Bridal diapers. Okay, so this isn’t something I’d ever heard about before. But after reading this article about the supposed new fad—wearing a diaper under one’s gown in order to avoid the inconvenience of using a toilet during the reception—I have to announce that I’m horrified! It has to be less unpleasant to grab a friend to assist you in the ladies’ room than to spend the evening wearing a dirty diaper!

Which bridal trends and traditions will you be avoiding?


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