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Checking In on my Wedding Checklist


I've heard some horror stories about how stressed outs Brides can get during wedding planning, and considering everything I still have to accomplish, I'm pretty mellow. (*Editors Note: Remind me of this post in a few months if I'm ripping my hair out.) So, I figured it was time to check on the handy dandy To-Do List that The Knot conveniently sent me an email about over the weekend boding the subject line: 11 Months to go!. No pressure or anything. Sheesh.

It looks like I'm still on track and slightly ahead of schedule in the 9-11 month category! Let's see if I can keep it up. Fingers crossed.

Begin Wedding Dress Shopping--Even if it's just to try on some styles, you'll be surprised how quickly an appointment goes by in a bridal salon and having a good idea of what you want will help narrow down the perfect gowns.

Reception Menu--Start planning your reception menu and talking to outside caterers and hash out a rough price per person. We have our menu picked out, we're just waiting to hit submit. And since we're getting married in the Fall, we chose a hearty menu for our guests.

Wedding Guest list--This list started about an hour or so after Jeremiah put the ring on my finger (I was excited!) and although we're still adding and subtracting, the list will hover around 100 guests.

Save-the-Dates--After delegating this task to one of my Bridesmaids, I have an email Inbox full of STD options. I've chosen a few favorites and hope to send these out by the end of February at the earliest.

Flower Power-- Flowers have been on my mind since the beginning, and I'm still not quite sure what I plan to do. I would like to try to save some money and not go through a florist but I also don't want the added stress of having to find flowers myself. More on this topic to come.

Ceremony Officiant-- There are a few tasks that I have completely delegated to my fiance. Securing the ceremony officiant is one of them.

Wedding Photographer-- I've already met with a few wedding photographers and chose the one for my big day. It was an extremely nerve wracking ordeal, but I am extremely happy with my choice.

Wedding Registry--I have yet to really think about where I want to register, this is something that will come in the next month or two. I was thinking about delegating this task to my fiance but if I left this up to him, he would have tried to register at Best Buy for a 52 inch flat screen and nothing else.

Sexy Bod-- I'm in the process of researching gym memberships and personal training packages to get my tush in shape for the big day. The great thing about the current digital age is that many trainers are offering Skype sessions where you're able to train in the comfort of your own home.

Bridesmaids & Ushers-- My MOH is F.A.B. in that she's already sent me dozens of options for the 'maids. I've narrowed down my favorites and we're going to research where the dresses are available and arrange some fittings.

334 days to go!


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