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Checking In on My Wedding Checklist-Round 3


I'm a very forgetful person. It's not on purpose, but I just have a lot on my plate and a lot on my mind. One thing I don't need to be reminded about is that my wedding is in 11 months. The Knot likes to email me monthly check-in's about my Wedding Checklist and when I logged on today, I was greeted with: 299 days to go!

I'm starting to feel the stress slightly, but the people around me (who are awesome) quickly bring me back to earth with other suggestions.

Luckily I'm still on track for the 9-11 month category, and things are starting to feel REAL.

Get in Wedding Day SHAPE--I work for SHAPE, this should be a cinch right? Eh, not so much. With my hectic work schedule and my long commute it's very hard for me to find a fitness schedule that's right for me. I have contacted a personal trainer that I trust and we're still working out the details. Oh, and I've found my zen again.

Plan Your Reception Menu--My fiance and I hashed out our menu after a few drinks one night and it sounds quite tasty. We chose very hearty dishes for our Fall nuptials.

Settle on Wedding Colors--I'm pretty sure I know what I want for wedding colors, I just hope it works out. My mother has already claimed purple for her dress, so I have to work around that for the girls. But I would love to see the men in a steel gray suit instead of black tux's.

Finalize your wedding Guest List--It's hard and feelings will be hurt, but it has to be done. By the end of January we will have a "written in stone" wedding guest list. And I will totally take advantage of The Knot's Guest List Manager.

Invitations & Stationary-- Once the Guest List is settled, we will send out our Save-the-dates. My friend Chrissy, and her company Evil Designs, is a super-duper talented graphic artist and I asked her to make my Save-the-dates and Invitations.

Florist Appointments--I had a lengthy Twitter conversation about flowers last week. And let me tell you, they're expensive. Odds are I won't be going with a floral designer or florist, I will most likely find bouquets at a local farmers market. Fortunately and unfortunately that will leave me with flowers that are only in-season.

Registry--I was out with friends this past weekend and we wandered into Crate & Barrel. This was my first time in that store and if I could, I would marry it. But I think the biggest thing my fiance and I will register for will be our Honeymoon. Stay tuned for more info on that.

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