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Checking In on My Wedding Checklist-Round 4


I seriously cannot believe that I have almost exactly 6 months to go before I get married. I feel prepared and unprepared at the same time. Let's check up on my Wedding Checklist from The Knot and see how I'm doing!

6-8 months

Get in Wedding Day SHAPE-- Well, this has been ongoing but I have recently ramped up a specific routine that is flexible with my hectic schedule. I've joined a boot camp, Hudson Valley Fitness (right down the street from where I live), and I've also joined a gym where I will do my in between workouts when I'm not at Boot Camp twice a week. I'm also going to try and take Yoga classes at Yoga to the People--since planning a wedding has left me low on cash. YTP is strictly donation based. Diet wise, I've been trying to stay all natural as much as possible, however I will have something coming up in the near future that you'll be privy of.

Plan Your Reception Menu--We know the rough price per head, but we do need to finalize the menu in the next month or two.

Wedding Colors--I never really knew what people meant when they asked me this. And I still don't. I do have my Bridesmaids dresses picked out, and I know what type of suit I would like the Groomsmen to be in. Since our venue is rustic, we're having bare tables to expose the wood with a runner. I'm thinking midnight blue to match the girls, or a muslin type fabric to keep with the rustic theme.

Guest List--This was the cause of some fights. I want to keep it small-under 100 people preferably. My fiance would like to invite everyone he's ever met. We finally settled on a Tier 1 and Tier 2 list. Tier 1 are the "must-have's" and Tier 2 are the "would-like-to-have."

Invitations--Done and done. I have a fabulous friend who is a fabulous graphic designer and she's designed both our Save-the-Date's and our wedding invitations. Check out her stuff here.

Registry--My fiance and I have done some preliminary work, including a whole day spent walking through different stores like Ikea, Crate & Barrel, Target, Macys etc. I think we've settled on Target and Macys since they are the most accessible to everyone, and the most reflective of our style. This has also been the cause of some fights since my fiance doesn't think we need to register for anything since we live together already. What he doesn't understand is that the things that we register for are for the future, not necessarily right now.

Honeymoon--Speaking of registry, my fiance and I need to register for our honeymoon as well as our wedding. Check out this great website that allows you to do just that!

All in all, I think we're on track. I'm not too worried. I shouldn't be worried. Right?


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