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Fall for a Harvest Wedding Feast


If there's one thing that I've noticed strolling the interwebs for wedding inspiration, is that there are a lot of theme wedding ideas that many bride's who are afraid to fully commit to can steal ideas from.

Case and point Fall Harvest Style Weddings. If you love the idea of a Fall wedding then you'll love all of these catering options and ideas. Although many of these tasty treats don't go as far as a full blown Halloween themed wedding, it actually adds the perfect amount of "seasonal" to an Autumnal nuptial.

The great thing about planning a wedding these days is that nothing has to be "by the book." This proves especially true during the Fall when you have your pick of farm fresh ingredients, nice crispy weather and beautiful colors to work as your artists palette. To be sure that you will still satisfy your guests appetites with traditional wedding fare, remember that your friends and family will be craving rich, intensely flavored meals since the weather has started to cool. The Knot asks the Brides-to-be to think outside the box and get creative with the catering.

Starters/Appetizers/Hors d'oeuvres

A popular alternative to the standard salad as the first course is a hearty soup. The Knot says that the warmth of the soup and heartiness makes it a natural fit for the Fall. One creative example of a Fall Harvest soup is Squash Bisque served in little pumpkins.

The Knot suggests if you do opt for a salad as an appetizer to add a hearty, seasonal element to your greens like aged cheddar, roasted walnuts, grapes or figs.

Main Course

It's pretty hard to mess up the main course, but don't forget you can put a spin on your traditional meat and veggie dishes that are usual crowd pleasers. The Knot suggests considering serving a less traditional red meat offering like a rack of lamb and instead of chicken you can serve Cornish hens.

Always Save Room for Dessert

Of course there is always the cake, and hopefully you'll be lucky to receive the piece that the bride didn't smash into her unsuspecting groom's face. Some couples are lucky enough to spring for a Viennese hour with mounds and mounds of sweets to please all types of "Tooths." For a Fall Harvest wedding you can serve your guests more traditional Autumn Sweets like apple tarts, pie a la mode and gooey brownies smothered in coffee ice cream. If you'd like a simpler approach, caramel-coated apples on cinnamon sticks or even s'mores if you're fortunate enough to have some open flame for your guests to have some fun.

And although the trendiest flavor of wedding cake remains chocolate, especially in the Fall, you and your hubby-to-be can be different by ordering a carrot cake or New York Style Cheesecake big enough to serve your guests.

Um, I'll take one of each please!  


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