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A Few of My Favorite Things-December 1, 2011


Welcome back to the Friday installment of My Favorite Things. Every Friday I will post my favorite things I have discovered while planning my Wedding.  Pinterest helps me keep track of all of my musings and you all are the lucky recipients of seeing them! Most of my inspiration come from Bride magazines, SHAPEBride and the plethora of Blogs, like Style Me Pretty.

Since it's now the gift-giving time of year, the first two "pins" are for my parents on the day of my wedding.

1.) For my Daddy: I've always been Daddy's Little Girl and that will never change. My step-mom swears he will be a wreck on the day of my wedding, but my Dad and I have a way of dealing with our emotions with laughter.

2.) For my Mommy: My Mom is a crier. She will probably need about 50 of these to get her through the day.

3.) Flipping the "bird": This has got to be one of the coolest, funniest wedding photos I've seen. I could see my fiance and I using this as a "Thank You" card, except with smiles on our faces.

4.) "If you're a bird, I'm a bird": This engagement photo session is GENIUS! This couple recreated iconic scenes from The Notebook and did a heck of a job with it. Super jealous.

5.) The Before: I would love to wear a dress like this for the rehearsal dinner. I would like to wear white all weekend actually. It's perfect for November and incredibly chic.

6.) The After: I am planning on wearing this t-shirt for the day after brunch with white pants, to continue the white clothing tradition.

7.) THE Veil: I NEED this veil. I was originally leaning towards a birdcage veil, however this veil is SO romantic and will match my dress perfectly.


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