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A Few of My Favorite Things- December 23, 2011


Welcome back to the Friday installment of My Favorite Things. Every Friday I will post my favorite things I have discovered while planning my Wedding.  Pinterest helps me keep track of all of my musings and you all are the lucky recipients of seeing them! Most of my inspiration comes from Bride magazines, SHAPEBride and a plethora of Blogs, like Style Me Pretty.

Here are this week's musings:

1.) Festive Wedding Favors--I was playing with the idea of having candy apples as favors, and still might, but I'm thinking now to just have a plethora of festive sweets like these Pumpkin Lolli-pops.

2.) Photo Booth--One of the few things that my fiance has requested is having an actual photo booth at our wedding. I think this one is super cool and vintage looking and I think he would love it.

3.) Feather boutonnieres--My fiance's father has a "thing," whenever I see him, he always hands me a feather that he collects from his 60-acre farm in upstate New York. It's his signature gesture and I think it would be incredibly sweet if the boys paid homage to that by wearing these creative feather boutonnieres instead of a flower.

4.) Bling Bridal Hoodie-- I plan WAY far in advance (side note: I had my NYE outfit before my Halloween costume). I think this hoodie from Victorias Secret is adorable for getting ready. The blue bows at the wrists really make it perfect.

5.) Purple Flower Centerpieces-- One of my biggest struggles so far is deciding what to do for our centerpieces, the bright purple and pink colors of this centerpiece caught my eye and I think will be the basis of what I eventually choose.

6.) For the ceremony-- I would love to make something like this for my ceremony. However, I can't go overboard since I'm not sure if we will have it outside or not. But this is quite close to perfect for our rustic, elegant wedding.

7.) Wedding Hair Idea--I legit had an argument with one of my co-workers about how to do my hair for my wedding. Personally, I would like a vintage glam look with finger waves and my hair down and off to one side (a la Kim Kardashian's second look for her wedding). My co-worker demanded I wear my hair back, and if I do decide to wear my hair off my face, I would like it to look like this ponytail.


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