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A Few of My Favorite Things- December 30, 2011


Welcome back to the Friday installment of My Favorite Things. Every Friday I will post my favorite things I have discovered while planning my Wedding.  Pinterest helps me keep track of all of my musings and you all are the lucky recipients of seeing them! Most of my inspiration comes from Bride magazines, SHAPEBride and a plethora of Blogs, like Style Me Pretty.

Here are this week's musings:

Matchy Matchy-- I would love for my 'maids and I to have matching shoes like this group. It would be awesome for pictures but also one more thing to gush over on the wedding day.

Wedding Aisle Flowers--In all honesty, I haven't really thought too much about decorating the aisle. But this gem I found on Pinterest gave me a stellar idea.

Marry You--I'm a Gleek. And ironically, after I got engaged last year I was catching up on my Glee episodes and I watched the one where Kurt's Dad marries Finn's Mom. And of course The New Directions had to perform and I would LOVE it if our wedding party could do this.

Wedding Day Bracelet--I'm a minimalist. You will never catch me in flashy jewels, I like to add strategic elements to every outfit and my wedding day will be no different. That's why this bracelet caught my eye.

Here Comes The Bride--If I had a little boy or girl in my wedding, you bet your tush that they would be walking down the aisle with this. Sure I could put the task on a dog or cat but that may be pushing it too far.

Comfort Food--I am in LOVE with this idea from Style Me Pretty. If I can convince my wedding venue, I would love to serve Lo Mein in tiny cartons with chopsticks during cocktail hour. It's perfect comfort food and a unique idea.

Groomsmen Suits--Although I haven't chosen my Bridesmaids dress colors yet, I would love for the Groomsmen to be in a steel gray suit like this one. It's the perfect amount of chic and eclectic. A home run for the boys.


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