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Finding My Zen: My Transition back into Yoga


For two years I practiced Yoga regularly, averaging two classes a week. Three if I was lucky. It was my sanity and it was one of the things that I refused to give up when Jeremiah and I started dating in 2009. He knew he wouldn't see me on certain days of the week because I would be at Yoga. Jeremiah knew how much I needed it for my health and my mind.

Eventually I lightened my load when I switched jobs, and it became increasingly difficult to make the classes. I missed it every day. I bought a few Yoga Workout DVD's but it wasn't the same. I took intermittent classes here and there but I never fully re-entered the practice. That is, until Tuesday morning.

Before the Holidays, I was perusing the daily deal sites (Groupon, Living Social and Daily Candy Deals) and found a 1-month Membership to YogaWorks, Inc. I've heard exceptional things about this organization and many of the instructors I've taken in the past have had YogaWorks certifications. I bit the bullet and bought the membership, I figured it would be a good trial to see if I can get back into the swing of things. I secretly vowed to myself to establish a weekly Yoga routine my New Year's Resolution. Fortunately, the Union Square location is on my way to and from work so I can hop off the subway easily.

I took a Yoga Blend class on Tuesday morning at 8AM and it was just what I needed to ignite the spark. I must have told everyone and their Mother how much I loved the class, how energized I felt afterwards and how I couldn't wait to go back. I plan on taking another Yoga Blend class tomorrow.

Whether or not I can afford an actual membership is still TBD but I hope to find a way to. I am actually super proud of myself for even beginning a new fitness routine, and getting back to my Yogi ways was one of my New Year's Resolutions.



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