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First Dance Songs--My Top Ten Picks!


There are some very typical and cliche "First Dance Songs" at weddings. It usually depends on the popular love songs of the past year (Bruno Mars being a personal favorite), then there are the classics like: "The Way You Look Tonight," Shania Twain's "From This Moment," 98 Degrees' "My Everything" and of course, Edwin McCain's "I'll Be." I'm always surprised by the "First Dance Songs" that you wouldn't really consider "wedding" songs, the ones that have a special meaning to the couple.

Jeremiah and I chose our wedding song by accident. We were driving home from a Mets game and he was playing KISS on his iPod (full disclosure: he's a HUGE KISS fan). The song "Forever" began to play through the speakers, I looked over at him and said that I wanted this to be our wedding song. Technically, that was even before we were engaged or talking seriously about marriage. It's one of my favorite KISS songs, and yes, I am now an expert thanks to him. It just suits us and our wedding perfectly. I was very intrigued when Martha Stewart Weddings compiled a list of 50+ "First Dance Songs." There were some classics including: Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole and Tony Bennett.

After careful thought, I chose my ten favorites. Some of my picks are surprisingly sweet and not usually on the top of many D.J's playlists, take a look and tell me what you think!

Red Hot Chilli Peppers "The Zephyr Song"--I wouldn't peg Anthony Kiedis or Flea as romantics, but in the right mood, this song could totally pass for a "First Dance Song."

Band of Horses "No one's gonna love you"-- Incredibly sweet, I could picture a few indy kids in love getting their groove on to this song for their first dance.

Parachute "She is Love"--At first listen you wouldn't really think "first dance" but if the couple wants to change it up, it's totally perfect!

Ben Folds, "The Luckiest"--Not exactly known for his "happy" stuff, Ben Folds' truly romantic song works as a first dance song.

John Mayer, "Say"--As a huge John Mayer fan, I think there are better songs to pick for a first dance, but "Say" is one of his sweeter songs.

George Strait, "I ain't never seen no one like you"--Gotta love country songs with bad grammar! This is a tad on the extreme side, but if you're having a down-home, southern weddin' then kick up your cowboy boots and have a ball.

Radiohead, "True Love Waits"--Love. Just love.

Van Morrison, "Into the Mystic"-- To me, Van Morrison can't really do wrong. Although he's had more popular songs than this, it still makes for a romantic first dance.

Josh Kelley, "Sunset Lover"--Katherine Heigl's beau has a great voice and truly gets to the point of this incredibly sexy song.

I also wanted to add in a cool song that a friend of mine used in his wedding:

Coldplay, "Yellow"--He and his wife met at a bar, and this was the song playing on the jukebox when he first laid eyes on her. Romantic? I nearly melted! The lyrics are amazing, perfect and I wish I thought of this first!

What do you think? Any you would add or take away?


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