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A Fit & Fabulous Bride


Besides the obvious elements to consider when planning a wedding, let's face it...I want to look darn good when I walk down that aisle. Before making any hasty decisions regarding my wedding venue I had to make sure that my Glam Squad was willing to travel. Just in case.

Not only my Glam Squad, but I also need to make sure that my tush is in shape as well. This means dragging myself to Boot Camp, the gym, Pilates, Cycle and Hiking up my local mountain. These may seem like lofty goals when I only really want to lose 10 pounds however, I am intent on toning every muscle in my body. Its achieveable if I stick to a strick meal plan and cut out the cupcakes, soda and the like.

So, it's here that I make my solemn vow to begin my trek down the aisle as one fit and glamorous bride. I pledge to you to kick my own butt at the gym and best myself in my own personal goals. I also pledge to eat healthy and share my recipes with you. I also will monitor my Glam process by growing out my long-bob into a beautiful mane that can either be worn up or down on my wedding day.

My walk down the aisle, my first dance with my new husband and our wedding photos are all just the icing on the proverbial cake to send my fitness and healthy lifestyle ambition into overdrive. It's an excuse to not make excuses.

In the coming year, I would like to follow this fitness schedule:

Sunday-Rest or Yoga in the AM

Monday-Cardio in the AM or Abs/Arms/Assets in the PM

Tuesday-Pilates in the PM

Wednesday-Cardio in the AM or Knockout Bride in the PM

Thursday-Rest or Yoga in the PM

Friday-Cycle in the PM

Saturday-Hike or Boot Camp in the AM

Looks like I'm going to be pretty busy!

What was your pre-wedding workout routine like? Discuss in the comments!


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