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Fully Engaged: One Year Later


This past Sunday, Jeremiah and I celebrated our one-year engagement anniversary. It was pretty surreal. He mentioned to me that he wasn't as nervous this year compared to last year. I told him that he did an excellent job of hiding it. Or, I'm just that oblivious.

Sunday was also our last Holiday spent apart. Since we'll be married next year come Christmas, we have to figure out a family schedule to appease both sides and ourselves. Although, I didn't receive a ring again this year (a girl can dream!) it was still a great Christmas filled with fun, family and a whole lot of presents.

The tables turned when I surprised Jeremiah with tickets to the division deciding game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys on New Years Day. He pretty much had the same reaction that I had when he plopped down on one knee and asked me to marry him. There was a lot of: "Really??" and "Are you serious??"

Mission accomplished. 

As the days creep closer, and we still have a while, I am more and more excited to walk down that aisle. Jeremiah and I have formed a life together that I cherish to go home to everyday. We've been through a lot this past year, here's a little update on where we're at (and you get a front row seat!):

Picked our Wedding Party--We went a tad overboard originally, but reigned in our number to a whopping total of 12.

Picked our Venue & Date--This proved to be the most stressful ordeal so far (I'm sure it's not the last). Check out our beautiful venue here.

Picked my Wedding Dress--I've hinted to this in previous posts, but I have it purchased and stored in my closet at my Mom's house.

Picked our Music--We both opted to save some money on this aspect of our wedding by using a borrowed sound system, an iPod and one rockin' playlist. We will also have our friends (who are professionals in the biz) host the festivities, announcing what is to come.

Picked our Photographer-- When I heard his wedding slideshow against a Rage Against the Machine song, I knew it was meant to be. Check out our photog here and the amazing work he's done. *There will be more on our first meeting to come on the blog.

Other milestones Jeremiah and I hit this year:

-Became parents to two furry children.

-Officially living by ourselves. Like real grown-up's.

-Left the country (only for a week).

-Started a savings for the wedding and miscellaneous things.

So, in a nutshell, there's lots to look forward to on Coming Down the Aisle.


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