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The Honeymooners: Putting the Joy in Travelling


There are many modern couples who live together before they're married. My fiance and I are one of them. We considered it a trial, and it just happened to work out in our favor *wink*. So, you can imagine our hesitation when it came to taking the registry gun out for a ride in the middle of the Macy's Home Furnishings Department. The look on our faces became: "Where are we going to put all of this stuff?" And: "Do we really need anything else?" Luckily, we combined two households worth of kitchen gadgets, couches, tables etc and get by on what we have. What we don't have is money left over for the honeymoon.

My fiance brought it to my attention (because he's so smart), that we can actually register for our Honeymoon. I mean, why not?! I know I would rather contribute to something someone needs or wants rather than buying them yet another tea pot.

I had the opportunity to speak with Brandon,the Co-Founder of Traveler's Joy. He and his business partner had had enough of buying generic wedding gifts for friends and family and thought up Traveler's Joy. It made perfect sense, after surveying his close friends who were all getting married around the same time they all had the same problem...paying for their honeymoon.

"Traveler's Joy isn't a travel agency, it's the lowest cost registry [for Honeymoon's] on the web," he said.

Since it's inception in 2003, over 85,000 couples have signed up for Traveler's Joy. If you think about it, that's a lot of Honeymoon's. Couples can register on Traveler's Joy to go anywhere in the world. Family, friends and guests of your wedding can contribute a monetary amount to your honeymoon, or buy "excursions" for the couple. Each destination has different packages to choose from, or the couple can customize their own.

Brandon says some of the most popular places couples choose are: Italy, Costa Rica, Portugal and California. My fiance and I are thinking Hawaii. Our reasoning was when are we ever going to be able to go back there [living on the East coast]? Plus I've heard that once you're there, you know why people go there for their honeymoon.

With talks of expansion to include a Honeymoon Tipster feature which would have tips from past traveler's and what they liked and didn't like about their vacation excursions, it's really easy to see why this phenomenon has grown so popular with engaged couples. The One-Step Registration is a cinch. All you have to do is enter your basic info and from there you can customize your registry with what you want. If it's a trek around the world, Thailand (read this couple's story here) or a relaxing beach honeymoon with massages and snorkeling, Traveler's Joy has you covered.

"I always thought, what a great gift to give [the honeymoon] in addition to new pots and pans, when your friends already have what they need."

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Sign up for your Honeymoon Registry here.


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