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How-To: Choose a Wedding Party from Martha Stewart Weddings


Choosing a Wedding Party after Jeremiah and I first got engaged wasn't hard at all. I knew I had my "Core 4," my four best friends and then I could add on to that if I wanted to depending on the logistics. I'm one of those people who has to match everything, I think it looks super sloppy when you don't have matching bridal parties (but I understand it happens).

Martha Stewart Weddings makes some excellent points for choosing a Wedding Party, here's what the article had to say (along with my opinions, natch):

Choosing Your Wedding Party--The way I chose my "people" was simple, I asked myself the question: would I want to exude a generous amount of money, time and effort if the roles were reversed? If the answer was "yes" then they were in. As MSW says, make sure all participants know up front what is expected of them, this gives them ample time to plan and save up some cash.

The Maid of Honor--I chose my two bestest friends in the world. They know my every move and not a day goes by that I don't speak to them at least once. Meghan, whom you've heard from already is uber organized and like a sister to me. Alicia, is one of my oldest friends and can read me like a book. I didn't think it was fair to put the burden on just one person and I know having the two of them by my side will make me feel completely at ease on the big day.
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The Best Man--Jeremiah is an only child and doesn't have a cousin close to his age that he could have asked. He chose his "Meghan," his friend Dave who has become one of my closest friends as well. He's organized, and can keep the boys in line if the going gets rough. He's the perfect man for the job. He is also a teacher and loves to talk, therefore his speech is going to be epic and I can't wait.

Bridesmaids--My Bridesmaids, or BM's for short, are all extremely special to me. In addition to Meghan and Alicia I have added my other best friends: Maggie and Giselle. As well as my partner in crime, Megan and my step-sister Amanda. It's a good looking bunch if I say so myself and I am so happy to have them be a part of this monumental occasion with us.

Groomsmen--Granted, they didn't make a movie about the drama that unfolds between Groomsmen (like they did with Bridesmaids), but these boys all could have easily stood on the Brides side as well. Some of my friends say that Jeremiah travels with an entourage--that would be these boys. And surprisingly enough, two of them (Dave and Mike) helped me conjur up the name of this blog. We see these boys almost every weekend (except for the one that lives across the country). Dave is accompanied by three Eric(k)'s, Eric A., Eric S. and Erick M. And two other best friends including Mike (our former roomate) and Andrew.

Ring Bearer/Flower Girl--Although Jeremiah and I don't want children at the wedding, I do have a close friend whose daughter is super special to me. If it's possible I would love for her to be our flower girl.

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