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How-To Choose A Wedding Photographer


The next big hurdle in the wedding planning race is choosing a Wedding Photographer. You would think that it's a pretty easy decision however, it's proven to be one of the hardest decisions yet. I've put an immense amount of pressure on our non-existent photog as this person is soley in control of my memories for my big day. A day that I would like to remember through beautiful photos and video. I have to have 100% trust and confidence in this person to not let me down.

When I started researching local photographers, I had a few in mind that I definetly wanted to check out. They all had unique ways of capturing the couple's special day and had the same vision I was looking for.

If you think about it, unless you're Brangelina there are very few events when you will be photographed more than your wedding day.

The Knot suggests, to find a photographer who shares your aesthetic (vision) and/or whose work just blow's you away. Set time aside to browse wedding photography websites and set up appointments ASAP. Meeting in person before your wedding day is essential to make sure that you are aware of the photog's shooting style and become familiar with each others mannerisms. Luckily, many wedding photogs today have online galleries and even wedding photo blogs that you can peruse and get a good idea of their photography style.

Next is to find out what type of packages the photogs offer. Many photog's feature packages that include an engagement photo session, day-after couple's photo session and even boudoir photography as well as photo albums and save-the-dates.

Once you've found your wedding photographer whose style complements your own, it's essential to book the photographer and schedule an engagement photo session so you and your fiance are able to get comfortable in front of the camera.

Wedding Photography 411:

If the photographer you want is booked on your wedding day, more often than not they will recommend another photographer with a similiar style that they've worked with before or know really well.

Always ask what happens to the photos once your day is over and what the method of storage is if you aren't planning on ordering a wedding album right away.

Ask your photographer about digital photo CDs--some photogs will let you keep all of the raw files, while most will retouch them for you before providing you with an online gallery of your proofs.

In this digital world, its almost unheard of to still use film cameras. If you love the look of film, be sure to ask your potential photographer upfront if they offer film photography.

Don't be affraid to ask to see the assistant to the main photographers work too. If something were to happen to the main photographer on your wedding day, you'll be thankful to have seen what his/her assistant can do.



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