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How-To: Personalize Your Bar from Martha Stewart Weddings


One of the many parties that it is somewhat acceptable to let loose and get down with your bad self is at a wedding. The music helps a lot with how much people party, but so does the alcohol selection. Many couples offer a signature cocktail, I've seen versions of mojitos and martini's that are sure to please any palette but what happens when you and your betrothed have significantly different tastes in alcohol?

Where as I would prefer an Allie-tini (something girly of course) and my fiance might prefer a Beer-e-miah. Either way this is something to discuss with your planner to see what the bartender is capable of making and serving on the night of your nuptials.

Martha Stewart Weddings also has some neat suggestions on ways to personalize your bar at your venue, here are some of my favorites:

Frame to Please--This is where you would frame your signature drink for all to see what the ingredients are. I think a Beer-e-miah is pretty self explanatory...

Roasted Mixed Nuts--What is a bar without nuts? Wait...I know that joke, but I digress. Keeping salty snacks on hand for your guests, especially in nut form offers an alternative to the cocktail hour apps.

Pretty Toothpicks--Like Martha Stewart Weddings says, "nothing cheapens fancy passed hor d'oeuvres more than a pile of discarded toothpicks." MSW suggests gluing paper flowers to the top of each toothpick and adding mini buckets to look like a bouquet.

Message in a Bottle--Have bottles of wine do double duty and act as table numbers. I think I will steal this idea.

Mulled Cranberry Cider--Given the season that I'm getting married in (Fall), greeting guests with a cup of warm, mulled cranberry cider sounds so lovely! November can be chilly so a spiced cranberry drink garnished with a cinnamon stick is the perfect welcome. 

Also from Martha Stewart Weddings: Celebrate with Champagne.


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