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Kim & Kris' Not-So-Fairy-Tale Wedding


To say that Kim Kardashian's Fairytale Wedding to NBA Basketball Player Kris Humphries was over the top, would be an understatement. If you happened to catch the two-parter E! Special, you would have noticed that the extravagance was on overload and there was no shortage of glitz and glamour. You can't fault her for knowing what she wants and going for it, unfortunately for Kim and Kris the glitz and glamour couldn't hide the looming end of their marriage.

Just 72 days after a $6 Million Wedding, Kardashian filed for divorce. According to, a source close to Kardashian said that she wanted a fairy tale but that the couple found the pressure of the TV show hard to handle. Being scrutinized by the media, managing conflicting work schedules and rushing into a relationship and marriage also seemed to contribute to the demise of their relationship. says that the Honeymoon was cut short so Kim could begin filming the latest season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York.

A self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, Kardashian's friends insist that her dream of marrying her Prince Charming at age 30 led her down the wrong path--to the altar, according to People. Sources say that it didn't take long for the excitement surrounding the couple to wear off. A source told People that a month after the wedding when the couple was living in New York, Kardashian knew she made the wrong decision. Kardashian quickly learned that once the whirlwind of their courtship was over, and they both settled into real like, it became apparent that their relationship was not what they both thought it was.

After weeks of speculation that the Kardashian-Humphries union was on the rocks, TMZ was the first to report the filing of divorce papers.

In most cases, fairy tale's end in a happily ever after. Kardashian's case is certainly one for the books, I guess not every fairy tale begins with a "Once Upon a Time--72 Days to be Exact."


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