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For Love of the Game


When Jeremiah and I began dating, I was surprised as to how easy it was. I'm sure the five year friendship had something to do with it however, we had never really discussed our future or asked that fateful relationship killer question: "So...where is this going?"

I was OK with not knowing, we were just enjoying the moments--having fun with our friends, taking mini-roadtrips and camping. All three of the events previously stated happened on Memorial Day weekend in 2009, while Jeremiah and I took a mini-roadtrip to Boston to visit friends and take in a baseball game.

It was the Mets VS the Red Sox (not exactly the same rivalry between them and the Yankees, but it is still N.Y. VS Boston). A big play happened in the game in favor of the Mets and I was doing my best to explain the situation back to him as he had gotten up to get some popcorn. It went something like this:

"The ball hit the wall and the guy got it and then everyone cheered, well almost everyone," I said.  Full Disclosure: I work for SHAPE and write a Wedding do the math.

"Thanks..." Was all he could muster.

"I tried."

"I know, and that's why I love you."
The three little words came out of nowhere. I don't even think he meant to say it a baseball game. I asked if he meant to tell me that he loved me and he admitted that it slipped but he didn't regret it. My mind started racing with a bunch of questions, including "So, where is this going?" and "Did we really become so serious so fast?"

It all didn't matter, because the feelings that I was feeling from Day 1, the day he made me kiss him, was 100% pure love. I just neglected to realize them. It took an amazing play in a Mets game to have us make it official. It would also start a series of interesting events to have a bunch of firsts including, when he told me he wanted to marry me for the first time.

We were in it for the long haul.  At least...that's where I saw it going. 


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