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My Friend's Wedding: A "Four Weddings" style Review


About two weeks ago I went to my friend's wedding in Arizona. My fiance and three friends decided to make a little vacay out of the trip. We visited the Grand Canyon, the hole in the rock and a po-dunk gas station in the middle of the desert. Yes, they do exist. Besides some really beautiful scenery and cooler than normal temperatures, my trip and attending the wedding was amazing.

I've known the groom for about six years and his new bride for about three. Not only did I work with the groom for a period of time, he was also my fiance's roomate for a number of years. I thought of a cool concept while I was on the plane, and I decided to rate and review the wedding "Four Weddings" style.

For those of you who don't know, Four Weddings is a show on TLC where four brides agree to be guests at each others weddings to decide which one is the best. Each bride gives a score to the others and the one with the highest score win's a fabulous honeymoon vacation prize. Although there isn't a prize at hand here, I thought this method would best recap my experience.

Here's my recap of Eric and Kari's Wedding from Saturday, April 12, 2012:

Venue-The wedding venue was absolutely gorgeous. It was held at The Wright House in Mesa, AZ. It was a beautiful garden ceremony, very romantically decorated and the best part was that the bridal party walked down the aisle to Led Zeppelin "Whole Lotta Love." Genius. The only draw back to the venue was that it was SO close to a major road. To me, it lost it's specialty (just a tad) by being able to literally cross the street to a Walgreens (although very convenient).

Food-The food was delicious. It was buffet style, which in my eyes is a little tacky, but it reality is SUPER easy. The cake was delicious. There were two types, I had a red velvet piece with vanilla frosting. However, they ran out of does this happen???

Dress-Kari looked stunning. It was the perfect dress for her. She added a lace belt to  match her HANDMADE (yes, she was sewing her own veil days before the wedding!) cathedral-length veil. She looked how every bride should look-breathtaking.

Overall experience-I had a blast. I really can't say anything bad about the wedding at all. I was surrounded by some of my best friends, celebrating an awesome couple's special day and they had really adorable, unique elements integrated into their wedding that, unless you knew them really well, may not have gotten the significance. What I thought was a really good idea, was all of the dancing was saved for after the cake and meals. Once the cake was taken away, the dance party began. And throughout the night soft music was played in the background, but it was nothing compared to the Lady Gaga dance-off.

The experience is one I will never forget, and I'm sure the bride and groom will not as well. I wish Eric and Kari nothing but the best, and I hope they have just as much fun at my wedding as I did at theirs.

And to be totally ironic with my post- we found out in the middle of the reception that "Four Weddings" was actually filming in the room next door. Some of the guests may or may not have tried to get on camera *wink*.


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