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My, My, My, My, My Wedding Shoes


Today we are going to discuss one of my favorite topics--SHOES! Specifically, shoes for my upcoming wedding. I've heard many people say not to worry or to spend too much money on nice shoes to wear on my wedding day as no one will really see them. I get it, I totally get it. But...(here comes the whine) it's my wedding day! Shouldn't I wear nice shoes? What about the shoe photos? Isn't it the almost the same situation as wearing nice underwear? No one technically sees your underwear all day, so what's the point of it being "nice?" At least I know my feet will look pretty underneath my wedding gown.

/End ramble.

I started trolling the internet for the perfect pair of wedding shoes. If you recall, I posted about a pair in my first "A Few of My Favorite Things" post. They were a beautiful sight. Christian Louboutin's. Probably costing more than my rent. But they were FAB. Since I'm having an internal struggle with possibly paying more for my shoes than I did for my dress, I realized that I needed other fabulous options.

I have a pet peeve with wearing strappy sandals past a certain month--the whole white after Labor Day mentality. I've decided to limit my options to closed-toe or peep-toe pumps and/or stilletos, after all my wedding is in November. I am also in the market for an adorable pair of ballet slippers to dance in after my shoes get the old heave-ho in the middle of the party.

Here are some of the shoes I am swooning over:

Badgley Mischka--These beauties are an excellent choice in either the Navy (my something blue) or white. The bling matches the bling on my dress and are at a desireable pricepoint.

Jimmy Choo's--The textured, glittering fabric is a nice compliment to my dress and the 2 1/2 inch heel height is desireable for all day wear. Plus my fiance won't have to worry about me being taller than him.

Steve Madden--Steve and I go way back, and it would only be appropriate if I wore his pumps on my wedding day to show my appreciation. I am in love with the glitzy jeweled beads on the skinny stiletto heel, but the 5 inches and the 1 1/4 inch platform will send me towering over everyone, including my fiance. However, the Blue Satin is my fave.

Enzo Angiolini--This pump is understated and beautiful. The bow at the heel adds that pop of something special and the pointed toe is classic. If my bridesmaids end up wearing a dark purple for their dresses, I may have to purchase these in Purple Satin to match.

Toms--These "Classic" Glitter Slip-on's are absolutely perfect for dancing the night away as they are outfitted with a soft leather footbed and durable rubber sole.

Manolo Blahnik--Truth be told there is nothing "blah" about this pump. In fact, I got so excited over these shoes that I emailed this link to my Mom and she yelled at me through e-mail. The price is on par with one month's rent and costs more than my dress, but when I say these shoes are perfect, I mean they are PERFECT.

Satin Bridal Slipper--To slip my tootsie's into after they've had enough.

Aruna Seth--The butterfly peep-toe flats are amazing. She also had a pair of peep-toe pumps in Tiffany & Co. "blue."

What's your take on wedding shoes? Love 'em or leave 'em?



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