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One Year Away, My Wedding Checklist Comes into Full View


The countdown begins!  It is less than one year until Jeremiah and my nuptials. Until two days ago, I avoided my official wedding planning notebooks, checklists and binders. I was going to postpone feeling overwhelmed for as long as possible, plus, many of the "official" checklists I saw didn't pertain to most of what I was planning. However, at the urging of one of my Bridesmaids I plopped down in front of my laptop and checked my Knot Planning Checklist.

To my surprise, I am on track! Currently, I have 171 things on my To-Do list and 12 of them are completed already. Not too shabby and with 362 days to go! One of the first things I did when I first got engaged was sign up for The Knot, it is THE go-to wedding website for Brides to be. I was super nervous to look at my To-Do List but it turned out to be a sinch and I was able to check off some pretty easy stuff in the 9-11 month category:

Get organized!--The Knot recommends starting a notebook/file folder to house all of your wedding-planning paperwork in one place. Done and done.

Envision Your Wedding Style-Think about colors, whether you want a modern or laid back affair etc.

Budget--Decide on a wedding budget and hash out who's contributing to the wedding.

Protect Your Engagement Ring--Make sure that you have your engagement ring appraised and insured.

Wedding Date--Choose a wedding date and time and finalize important guests on the guest list.

Wedding dress--Envision your wedding dress (it's never too early!) figure out what styles will look best on you.

Reception Sites--Scout reception sites until you find the perfect location. Further down the list is book your reception site.

Ceremony Officiant--Look for a ceremony officiant in your area (if you don't already have one in mind) who suits your style.

Guest List--Decide on how many and who you want to invite to your special day.

Bridal Parties--Choose your bridal party, pick your bridesmaids, groomsmen etc.

I'm off to a good start! Check and check!


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