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The Proposal


To say that I saw it coming would be completely false. The "it" in question is the proposal (Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock were no where to be found).

It was one year later after the close call--Christmas Day, my birthday. I spent the day with my family, sipping on egg nog. Jeremiah joined us later on for dinner. This time he wasn't antsy or acting nervously. After we cleared our plates he whispered in my ear, asking if we could leave soon and that he was eager to go home to exchange gifts. I nodded and told him we had to wait for dessert.

After dessert, we said our goodbye's and my Dad walked us out to the car and took his time hugging us. I thought at the time that he just had too much egg nog.

After we got back to our apartment the present exchange began. He told me that I had two big gifts and some small ones to open. He was still cool as a cucumber, I was still oblivious.

I began to open big gift No. 1 out of two: a Jet Blue gift card. Jeremiah said that the only condition I could use the gift card was to see my best friend who lives in Florida. I was super excited, I took out my phone to take a picture of the gift card to let her know she would be having a visitor. Jeremiah panicked.

"NO! Don't text her!" He yelled.

"What? Why?" I asked.

"She'll get confused!"

I was confused. He ran from one room to the other completely disheveled, "Your next present isn't wrapped yet."

Of course it isn't, you're not prepared...again.

"I'll just close my eyes, I don't care if it's not wrapped, I'm just going to rip it open anyway."

"No! Hold on!" He ran into the kitchen then into the bedroom and slammed the door. Bewildered, I waited in the living room, NOT texting my best friend. After Jeremiah emerged from the bedroom, I noticed he was carrying a large clothing box with wrapping paper draped over it. I pushed the wrapping paper aside and looked at the gift inside the box. It was two beautiful photo albums. I was engrossed in the photo albums, believing that he was romantic and chronicled our relationship through pictures. What I failed to see was Jeremiah kneel down to my left clutching yet another box. This one, not quite big enough to hold a photo album.

"What are you doing???" I exclaimed.

Truth be told, I wish I remembered what he said to me. The whole thing is still a romantic blur that at some point he finally asked me to marry him. And I responded with a slew of questions including: Are you sure?? Do you really want THIS for the rest of your life? Really?? Seriously?? Then, Jeremiah looked confused. I realized I never answered him.


The ring was gorgeous. The moment was classic. Even though I wasn't in front of the Rockefeller tree, I was in front of my own Christmas tree, the one Jeremiah and I picked out and decorated together. And as I sat there on my living room couch, I couldn't think of a more perfect engagement scenario as the snowflakes began to fall outside our apartment window.

I was beaming with delight, hugging and kissing him. I finally asked him another question: "Can I call Alicia now?" He smiled and said yes.

I called my best friend and also opened my lap top to update my Facebook status.


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