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Speaking Bridal: Decoding the Wedding Lingo


I've heard a lot of stories about how wedding planning makes you crazy. With all of the little details, friends and family constantly contacting you and trying to remember to write your vows its all enough to make you go coo coo for Cocoa Puffs. But, the cherry on top is that as a bride-to-be you have to learn a whole other language and abbreviations to understand and communicate with Wedding Vendors.

What I'm referring to is the Bridal and Wedding "Lingo" that I had a crash course in while researching for my own nuptials.  Below is a break down of the Wedding Abbreviations and the actual terms from

BFF= Best Friend Forever

BM=Bridesmaid or Best man

FH= Future Husband

FFIL= Future Father-in-law

FOB= Father of the Bride

FOG= Father of the Groom

FW= Future Wife

GM= Groomsman

FMIL= Future Mother-in-Law

MOB= Mother of the Bride

MOH= Maid of Honor

OTT= Over The Top

SIL= Sister-in-law

SO= Significant Other

STD= Save The Date

WP= Wedding Planner

For a crash course in Bridal Gown Lingo, check out Simple Elegance's Decoded Dictionary here.


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