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The Startling Line: How to First Begin Planning Your Wedding


In order to start the wedding planning correctly, I knew I needed the perfect date which goes hand in hand with the perfect venue. Jeremiah and I had a rough budget in mind and started researching wedding venues with a reasonable pricepoint.
To keep the wedding venue in our budget, Jeremiah and I started adding in tax and gratuity to see what the total would ultimately come to. Factoring in the extra expenses helped weed out locations that would surpass our budget.

After months and months of research, we scheduled appointments to visit a handful of "rustic" locations. We traveled all over the Hudson Valley, eastern Pennsylvania and way upstate New York. Searching the internet gave us a wide and thorough look at what many of the venues had to offer for our wedding, without leaving the comfort of our own home. Ultimately, we made the decision to visit in person to help make our final decision. To aid in our search for the perfect wedding venue, we utilized some great tools available online like The Knot and a plethora of wedding blogs that showcase REAL weddings so you can catch a glimpse as to what your special day would look like.

Whether it's a small, rustic Inn or a major hotel chain, the majority of venue research can be done from the comfort of your desk chair.

Here are a few things to consider when researching a unique wedding location, courtesey of My Wedding Reception Planning:

If you want to get married at a Zoo or Sculpture Garden owned by the city--Check out the Chamber of Commerce website in the town or city where you would like to marry.

Historic Mansion or Castle--Get in touch with the historical society in your area, they should be able to give you a list of all of the venues as well as which ones allow special events on their property.

Outdoor Park/Bed & Breakfast/Museum--Contact your local Tourism Bureau and/or your local bureau of parks & recreation to find out the necessary protocol for hosting events.

Another good piece of advice is ask the professionals like, wedding planners, caterers, photographers and DJs. They've obviously seen it all and worked at every location within a 50 mile radius, they can tell you which venues are the most accomodating.

If you have any other pointers, send them my way in the comments section! 


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