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Tips for Brides on a Budget: Buy Used!


According to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding is around $27,800. Keep in mind that this is including venue, catering, photography, clothing etc. All for one day. I cringe every time I think of this price as my fiance and I are trying our hardest to keep our entire wedding under $20,000. I've seen gowns on "Say Yes to the Dress" go for more than that, but it's what we're working with.

After receiving an email from The Daily Worth (an excellent financial resource for the modern woman), it said that many engaged couples are saving a bundle by buying used. This is something I have taken into consideration, especially for my Bridesmaids dresses. You can take care of your "something old" by shopping at these websites that help brides on a budget, stick to them!

Ruffled--Is a website that hosts a "recycle your wedding" page where brides can buy and sell just about anything, from napkin rings to bridesmaids dresses.

Recycled Bride--This website, according to Daily Worth, is a big old wedding bazaar. Among the abundant Chinese imports, you'll find leftover invitation envelopes and gently used bow ties.

Specifically for used dresses, check out these websites:

OnceWed-- This website offers brides the chance to recoup some of their dress investment. It's not always cheap, but it's still better than paying retail. Which is something I never do.

Brides Against Breast Cancer--This is a great resource to find a pop-up sale that sells discounted dresses.

If you want to bounce some ideas or questions off of fellow brides-to-be, you can find more suggestions (and a bunch of used stuff on sale) on bridal forums like Offbeat Bride. And according to The Wedding Report, 89.4% of brides are willing to purchase used items for their wedding. 90% are willing to sell items--especially accessories.

Game on!

How will you, or did you save money for your wedding?


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