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Wedding Day Detox


As the days creep closer, even though I still have awhile, I have been starting to think more consciously about my diet and all over food intake. I've never been a crash dieter. I usually put my own spin on whatever the current craze is. I was successful on the Special K diet and lost a dress size in 3 weeks and my Mom and I started our own diet that eliminated sugar and salt during the week. I've also attempted the no carbs after 5 PM, or no carbs for dinner. And to satisfy my sweet tooth I would eat one piece of dark chocolate every night.

Working at SHAPE I'm exposed to many different types of diets and ways of life. I've been exploring the idea of a incorporating a raw diet into my lifestyle, but it hasn't proved to be cost effective for me yet. Sure, you can use the argument that your health is worth the price, but I've spoken to my fiance about it and we are both trying to be more conscious about what we're eating.

I was extremely intrigued when I heard about Joulebody Cleanses. It's a cleanse with food. If you remember a few months ago I wrote about the Blueprint Cleanse, a juice by numbers detox system that was sweeping the SHAPE offices. I was too nervous myself to try it out, something about just drinking juice for three days didn't sit right with me. Lo and behold I received a package shortly after touting the effects of Joulebody, a "detox with food" service that delivers high-powered cooked and raw foods and juices to homes and businesss throughout the U.S. Yvette Rose, a New York City Nutrition Specialist started the innovative business for fast-moving women on-the-go AKA perfect for the stressed out Bride.

All Joulebody products are 100% natural and made from whole foods, spices, herbs and are gluten-, sugar-, wheat-, nut, preservative-free and designed to kick start your body's natural cleansing process-the right way, according to Rose.

"You are what you eat, your muscles need protein to detox properly," Rose said. "Shock and starvation is a ridiculous approach to health...I am on a mission to to provide a reasonable way to kick start those systems [liver and kidneys] to do their jobs the way they were designed-with food."

Of course most Brides would want to be in tip-top shape on their wedding day, including myself. I was never a huge junk food eater, and I always attempt to eat healthy. Rose recommends cleansing every six weeks, using the Kickstart 3-day cleanse for Brides-to-be. For myself, at some point I would like to attempt a 3-day Kickstart Cleanse. I'm still working up the courage. To start, I did taste the JouleCitrus juice and it was delish.

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