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The Wedding Day Workout: Biceps


If there's one body type I always admire, it's a ballerina. Poised, graceful and toned. There are many workouts that are ballerina-inspired, however if you would like to focus on a specific troubled area like your arms our next series in The Wedding Workout will be Biceps! In this special series YogaWorks instructor, Holly Jean Cosner helps future brides remedy the problem areas with targeted workouts.

Cosner says that based on complaints and requests from many brides that visit YogaWorks before the big day, she developed this arm workout series that will help you in becoming a buff bride. Now, with your new and improved arms go grab your hubby-to-be and hit the dance floor!

Our first exercise is the First Position: Ballet Arm Circles that begins the targeted series of toning the the bicep muscles. Brides who are planning a Summer wedding should aim to do at least one set of these moves everyday, increasing repetitions each week and pulling all of the exercises together.

1st Position Ballet Arm Circles

- Holding the weight/bottle in front of you, lift your arms forward to the height of your shoulder and softly round the elbows (as if you are hugging a giant tree) with your palms facing in towards you

-Shoulder blades should be pulled down the back and the chest puffs up and open.

- Elongate the waist and soften your ribs into your body.

- Maintain the height and position of the arms as take tiny circles (make sure you lift your triceps up and don’t let your elbows droop lower than the wrists)- -Try 30 circles one direction and 30 in reverse

Bicep Curls

- Using hand weights or water bottles, sit on a block  or folded blanket to elevate the hips a few inches higher than the knees and sit up very straight with a long waist and pulled in belly.

- Bring your elbows into the waist at a 90 degree angle and hold the weights/bottles with your palms facing up

- Bend your elbows fully and flex into the biceps to pull your hands up towards the shoulders and then lower them with resistance- repeat 15x

- Then try with minimal movement for 30 reps holding the arms at the 90 degree angle and take small pulses up one-inch and down holding the elbows strongly against the waist

- After the 15 bicep curls and 30 one-inch pulses, you have completed one set

Down Dog Drops

-Start in Downward facing dog pressing the weight back into your legs so that your arms feel long and light.

- Keep your gaze forward between your hands and keep a firm press down into your hands

-Simultaneously lower both forearms to the mat  and then lift them back up (Modify by lowering and lifting one forearm at a time) repeat 6x

Modified Side Plank Twist

-Come onto your right forearm with your right leg extended, standing on the outside edge of your right foot. Bring your left leg in front of you and stand the left foot directly in front of your right knee.

- Press into your right forearm to draw your right shoulder blade into your back and your right shoulder away from the ear. Use this pressure down to lift your right side off of the floor.

-Holding your weight off the floor, take your left hand behind your head.

- As you exhale, twist your waist down toward the floor and tap your left elbow to your right hand on the floor.

-Inhale to open the chest and elbow back up. Try to keep both sides of the waist long and both shoulders away from your ears.

- Repeat 1 x and switch to the other side

Be sure to save these exercises as we will be adding to the series every week. Also, check out SHAPE's Fitness Channel for all of the latest and greatest workouts to get your butt in gear for the big day.


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