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Wedding Day Workout: Pilates


In my constant quest to becoming fit and fabulous (it's almost a must here at SHAPE #kidding), I took my first Pilates Reformer class yesterday evening. I found a Living Social deal around New Year's time and jumped on it as I've always been an avid Pilates enthusiast. I took mat Pilates for a year and I loved it, so I figured that I would love the reformer class. I mean, Madonna and tons of other celebs take Pilates so it's the cool thing to do, right?

Despite it being slightly disorganized at first, I quickly settled into my reformer machine and thoroughly enjoyed the class. Thankfully my knowledge from my Pilates mat classes came back to me and I adjusted to being on the machine, which made it more difficult, but definitely more fun. I'm one of those weird people that has fun when she's being completely tortured in a fitness class. To be clear, this class was NOT torture but it was a lot of fun.

When I first called Pilates on Fifth in NYC, the woman over the phone told me to keep an open mind. This scared me a bit, but luckily with my mat experience I just had to add on some gear and the moves and concepts were pretty  much the same. My main problem with any fitness routine is finding the right classes, at the right time that interest me. I prefer morning workouts over evenings and the instructor has to keep me engaged as I have major workout ADD and get bored after 20 minutes. Pilates on Fifth has a great selection of classes including mat Pilates, reformer, Core Align, as well as Barre and Belles. The Barre class is my next challenge. I have two more classes left on my Living Social deal and I think I'm going to continue to take the reformer class. It gives you the extra boost you need off of the mat. I love that Pilates works your WHOLE body and although it doesn't seem like much at the time, you will feel it the next day.

In conjunction with Pilates and yoga sprinkled into my fitness routine, I've been steadily taking boot camp classes at Hudson Valley Fitness. I actually don't mind waking up an hour before I have to to flip over 100 lb tires. It's always different and I actually look forward to it. I'm trying to keep a steady workout schedule for the few months before my wedding and plan on amping it up the month before. I need to look good in my dress and on the beach in Hawaii for my honeymoon. All the hard work will pay off. Fingers crossed.


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