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The Wedding Day Workout: Super Sets


In case you're not the "zen" type, Crunch Gym has provided moves for the gym-goer bride-to-be. Dan Sigafoos is a personal trainer at Crunch who has worked with many women including brides with weddings one year out (aka plenty of time to train), to brides with just two months to fit into a dress that they discovered no longer fits!

Just for you readers, Dan has put together a plan using super sets, that will maximize caloric burn, and focus on spot reduction of select body parts that brides are intent on toning and firming. We all have a part of our body that we hate, these moves will help target that while still providing a full body workout.

Each super set consist of one upper body move, one lower body move, and one burst of cardio. These super sets should be done every other day, however if you are in a time crunch (as Dan has often seen in brides) cardio should be worked in-between Super Set days, whether it be interval running, spinning, or a long steady walk.

Bring on the burn!
Upper Body: Reverse Fly

-    The reverse fly targets the upper back, shoulders and trapezius muscles
-    Stand so that your feet are hip width apart, and knees are slightly bent
-    Bend forward at the hips will still keeping your back straight

-    Using your body weight or a dumbbells (you’ll know you’re using the right weight when the last 3-4 sets are very difficult) raise your arms straight out to the sides so that you feel a squeeze in your shoulder blades
-    Slowly bring the dumbbells back down so that your palms are facing each other, and hands are nearly touching

-    Repeat 12-15times

Lower Body: Step Up
-    Targets glutes and thighs
-    Stand behind a step and bring hands to heart’s center while engaging your core for increased balance

-    Place one foot on top of the step and shift your weight forward coming up entirely on one leg
-    Slowly step back down so that your feet are in starting position

-    Repeat 12-15 times

Cardio Portion:
-    Using a stationary bike, spin as fast as you can with moderate resistance for one minute.
-    Following this, take one minute rest and repeat the entire super set. Remember each super set must be completed three times.

Check back next week for a new set of Super Sets to kick your bridal butt into high gear!


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