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Wedding Dress Shopping

I mentioned in my previous blog that I'm waiting to buy my wedding dress until my mom visits, but…I've been really anxious, so I did a little "research" and went to try on some gowns.

I set two rules for myself before slipping into any dresses: 

1. Go alone the first time. I have absolutely no idea what style, cut or color I want, and I don’t want my friends (no offense ladies!) confusing me from the get go. 

2. Do not under any circumstances try on dresses outside of my budget. 

The ladies at eDressMe in NYC, an affordable wedding dress boutique, helped guide me through the sea of white. Here is a little inside look from my shopping experience. I don't think I've found "the one" yet, but I have to say trying on wedding dresses is way more fun than I thought it would be!  


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