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Wedding Panic Mode-Five Months to Go!


Ladies and gentlemen...we've hit panic mode. As the clock slowly ticks down, I have five months go to until my day of wedded bliss. Somehow, I didn't realize it was June and all of the parts of planning that I had hoped to accomplish by the end of May suddenly slipped away from me. And if you see me this week, I will have my iPhone glued to my ear making plans and coordinating peoples.

During my crash course in wedding planning I've learned the following:

  • Bridesmaids dresses take MONTHS to ship. As in 3-4 months. I have do the math. I have only been involved in one wedding prior to mine and I don't recall the length of time it took for my dress to come in. I guess I assumed it would be a maximum of two months...I was extremely wrong.
  • Coordinating schedules of six adult women with vastly different lifestyles and occupations all across the east coast is no east feat.
  • My mother doesn't understand the need for my fiance and I to register for pots and pans: "I have a bunch you can take!" Thank you, Mom, but that doesn't make a whole set!
  • You cannot return or exchange your fiance in Target or Macys. Trust me, Jeremiah tried.
  • Although I feel like I live in a circus, I have a few ring leaders who keep me sane and are always willing to help.
  • Certain people involved will step in when the times get nuts whom you wouldn't have thought.
  • And I'm pretty sure it will only get worse.

Today, sensing the desperation and urgency in my voice my fiance went to Staples on his lunch break to buy labels for our Save-the-dates. He even had them printed at the store. This saved me a lot of time. This is why I keep him around.

Buckle up readers, it's about to get bumpy.


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