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The Wedding Shoe Debate: Bride VS Groom


My accessories for my wedding day has caused some controversy between my fiance and I. At this stage in the planning process I'm very surprised at what he's getting upset over. Is there such a thing as a groom-zilla?

To me, a bride should wear heels on her wedding day. It's probably going to be the fanciest day of my life (except if I become royalty or a celeb) and I feel confident in high heeled shoes. Like Victoria Beckham says: "I can't think in flats!" But I digress, my fiance is only 2 inches taller than me when I'm barefoot. I have gotten over the fact that I am taller than him when I wear heels. He has not.

For my wedding, I've decided to have blue shoes. My something blue. I've chosen Nina Shoes Culver Peep Toe in navy blue (to match my bridesmaids dresses). It only has a 2.5 inch heel. I feel like this is a compromise. So, I texted my fiance that I was getting the shoes and he called me immediately and said: "I had only one request and that was for you to not wear heels."

Am I overreacting? I feel what I put on my feet on my wedding day should be my choice! I totally understand where he's coming from, he doesn't want our wedding pictures to look like Mutt and Jeff (for you young one's, click here for that reference) or as awkward as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding pictures with her towering over him. It's a sense of pride and insecurity for him, I understand. I also plan on switching into more appropriate dancing shoes throughout the night. But if my heels are comfy, and Nina Shoes ARE comfy I plan on wearing them the whole night.

How do I make him see my side? Or am I being a Bride-zilla by not respecting his wishes?


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