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The Worst Pieces of Planning Advice from The Knot


You know how when you're single, everyone wants to set you up? Or they always give you unsolicited advice like "well, there are plenty of fish in the sea." And, "the right one will come along one day." However true or untrue the previous statements may be, whenever you're going through something monumental in your life, there will be comments from the peanut gallery.

When I started planning my wedding I felt pulled in every direction, from all different types of people. I learned early on, it's nice to politely accept the advice and also to politely decline it. The fact of the matter is...IT'S YOUR WEDDING. My parents have been the easiest going of everyone, my fiance's parents are a whole other story. But I digress, The Knot compiled a list of the 12 Worst Pieces of Advice that Bride's have received. I picked 10. Many stem from strict tradition like wearing white on your wedding day, and others are strategic...either way, it makes for an interesting list.

Take a peek below:

1.) "I must wear a white dress"--The bad advice stems from a traditional Grandma, who was afraid that guests would think that her granddaughter wasn't a virgin. The Knot says that this rule is totally antiquated. Wear whatever color flatters your skin tone. My co-worker even wore a purple gown to her wedding! And she looked STUNNING!

2.) "It's your wedding, and this day is all about you!"--As badly as I want this statement to be true, it's not. Yes, it is MY wedding, but just like I would accept my Academy Award "I can't forget about the little people." It's just simple consideration for your friends, family, guests.

3.) "Type up and print generic thank-you notes ahead of time, and just slap a label {of your names} on them instead of signing them"--Sure, it's a time-saver. But it's also extremely tacky. I received a thank-you note just like this one and it made me feel like a number, and not special. They didn't even mention the gift, which was NOT on the registry.

4.) "Send invites to people you know will not come."--This is the exact argument I am having with my fiance and his family. Just like The Knot says, those hopeful no-shows may decide to make an appearance. I cannot run this risk. My venue taps out at 115 and I will not invite anymore than that. I refuse to invite anyone to "be polite" and if they respect my fiance and I, they will understand that we couldn't accommodate everyone on such a small budget.

5.) "If it's not a diamond, then it's not a real engagement ring." -- The Knot says it perfectly: Kate Middleton rocks a sapphire, and ladies in Greece wear pearls. Wear what you love, or at least what was given to you.

6.) "Someone told me to ship the gown to New Jersey to avoid paying NYC taxes."--First of all, that's tax evasion and second if there are astronomical charges to ship, the most economical solution would be to pick it up at the salon yourself. That's what I did to avoid being charged $100 extra to ship to 2 hours away.

7.) "My mother suggested having the cocktail hour BEFORE the ceremony."--File this under Extremely Stupid Idea, your guests would be sloshed before the band could play "Here comes the Bride." The Knot suggests serving non-alcoholic beverages like lemonade or cucumber water before hand. Since my wedding is in November, I want to serve mulled cider to keep our guests warm and in the seasonal spirit.

8.) "Take out a loan for the wedding!"--File this under, Worst Idea Ever. Debt is not a way to enter into a marriage, and take out a loan for ONE DAY? There are plenty of inexpensive and meaningful options that you can afford. It may be smart to wait a few years to save diligently, or have a small shindig now and a larger one later on down the road.

9.) "You'll want a short engagement so the groom doesn't change his mind."--If this is the shouldn't be getting married. The Knot says, shorter engagements leave you less time to find vendors. Most engagements are over a year long, and planning a wedding is stressful. If your groom runs away during this time, he'd never last the entire marriage. It's a good trial.

10.) "Cut back on costs and have a potluck and BYOB reception."--I'm not going to lie, I have pondered this and also just hopping on the next flight to Vegas. However, depending on your preferences and your family's have a sit down discussion because if this is the advice you're given, you may have to rethink some things.

What was the worst advice you were ever given? Do you agree with The Knot's list?


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