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Competition at the gym

Last night at the gym I was on the Stairmaster next to the girl whom I consider my gym's Stairmaster Queen. She's got amazing legs and pretty much an all-around toned body and from afar I'm always seeing what workout she's doing (beyond the Stairmaster) and what I can maybe steal from it. But today was the first day I've ever worked out beside her, so I guess you can say there was a little friendly Stairmaster competition going on (for me at least). Well, she's got a fast pace and keeps her intervals quick but intense, something I'm not used to--needless to say she kicked my butt. I know how important interval training is when you're looking to boost your metabolism and lose weight, so this is something I'm used to, however, she really took it up a notch for me. It's okay to imitate someone else at the gym, as long as you believe they are doing things properly. If not you can ask a trainer for instructions. Hopefully she didn't notice, but if she did, thanks for the good workout!


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