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Cooking for my boyfriend!

A few months ago I mentioned that with so much going on in my life this past year, dating has been at the bottom of my list of priorities. But like the old saying goes: love finds you when you're not looking for it, and I met the greatest guy through my best friend (they work together). In a previous posting I told you how I thought it'd be much easier to date someone who had the same interests as me--I'd prefer a guy that would rather go for a run or a bike ride on a summer afternoon than sit inside watching re-runs on TV all day. This wouldn't be a deal-breaker in my book, but if I'm choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle it'd be nice to share that with my boyfriend too.

Two months later things are going so well with Dino, my new boyfriend--a banker by day, but true sports enthusiast who enjoys skiing, rock climbing, and hiking in the Andes; yes, he is going to Peru for a five day hike up the mountain! Not only am I dating someone that can join me for a run or a workout in the gym, but his love for the outdoors and trying new things has me wanting to do it too (he's teaching me how to rock-climb, but no mountains quite yet).   

We're at the point where I've decided to take the next step...and cook him dinner. Most people that know me may laugh at this--I'm not a domestic diva by any means--however, I have been on my own for a year now and have learned a thing or two (most of it from my friends at Shape who've become like family to me). I still needed some help with the preparation so I asked some of my coworkers for their favorite recipes. In this past year of cooking on my own, I've stuck to the same things that I know are okay for my diet. I realized though, that cooking, if you're not careful, can be harmful to your waistline--a little extra butter here, another drip of oil there--so I really needed some ideas to make a new and delicious (but healthy) meal for two.

And who knew my co-workers were so knowledgeable in the kitchen? They gave me some amazing dishes to try. But in the end, I went with my mom's tried-and-true grilled chicken and salsa dish (see picture below). However, now I've got a binder of my own recipes to make, ones that are Shape staff approved. Since I told my boyfriend I'd cook once a week, next time I'm trying this pasta dish from our July 2008 issue.


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