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Cooking with your boyfriend IS fun

When I told you I moved into a new apartment I left out the bit that my boyfriend, Dino, and I moved in together. It’s been a month and it’s going so well—I’m beyond happy! Moving in together was one of the best decisions we could have made so far—and who knows, maybe Shape’s special bridal issue will come in handy one day! 

So far, we’re having lots of fun being a couple and I’m finding out that one of the most enjoyable things to do together is to cook! (Just a year ago I was afraid of a recipe and now I love cooking all sorts of things.) We’ve designated Sunday nights for food shopping and trying something new to eat. It’s interesting to go to the grocery store with a guy—girls are more likely to purchase an item that’s lower in calories or fat-free, while a guy will pick the most delicious looking bread or yogurts. They don’t get that on everyday items like cheese, bread, or milk, calories can add up quickly (and there’s usually a substitute that’s much healthier)! Food shopping in this city is unbelievably expensive (most things are double, even triple, the price than in other cities, like in my hometown on Long Island or Philadelphia where Dino lived)—so getting two of everything definitely adds up. However, I’m not willing to let my diet slip just because my boyfriend and I are living together and have different preferences. For the most part, I’m lucky because Dino eats healthy too—our Grilled Chicken Mexican casserole and Carrot and Cashew soup we made for dinner this Sunday was a joint decision. [See below for some cooking photos!] But when he wanted a piece of pumpkin pie for dinner, I didn’t give in—instead, I had some yogurt with a bit of light Cool Whip. Although lots of girls say they gain weight when they get into a new relationship (like having seconds and thirds and dining out all the time), eating healthy with your boyfriend is possible and fun!

If you’re looking for a yummy organic recipe to try, like the Carrot and Cashew soup I made, check out Anna Getty’s Easy, Green Organic cookbook []—I was fortunate enough to snag an editor’s version when I met her a few weeks ago.
























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