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Could I actually be excited to swim in the Hudson?

Guess what? Last night I swam a mile! As a writer, you'd think I would be able to explain how this felt, but there really are no words to show my excitement over accomplishing this--I just feel so good right now! Although I swam through zig-zag lanes back and forth down the pool five times, it was still a mile--physically, I know I can do this now. My time of about 35 minutes wasn't so bad either, and given that the current in the Hudson will be in my favor (going from 98th street to 79th street in the river), I know I can knock a few minutes off that time too. (I'm sure my adrenaline and the anxiety of open water will push me even faster.) As I was coming down the final lane at practice, I imagined what it'd feel like to be at the same point in the Hudson, and I was actually pumped for the first time to do this swim.

My teammates and I all finished at different times, but that didn't matter because we did this together, and the team spirit after practice reminded me of my high-school cross country races and lacrosse games. I realized how much I love being part of a team. When I watched the last person swim to the end (a man in his 40's!) I was so proud of him, even though this was something I, too, had just finished a few minutes earlier. The fact that for four months my teammates and I spent every week training in this pool together created a really unique bond. Although my friends and family are proud of me right now and are looking forward to seeing me compete on race day, my teammates understand everything I've been going through to prepare for this. (This has been such a physical and emotional roller coaster for me!) No matter our ages, shapes and sizes, and our skill, we're all competing in our first triathlon together and I couldn't be more psyched for July 26th.


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