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Countdown To The Boston Marathon: 30 Days!

The big day is coming up fast and I'm trying hard not to psych myself out. Yesterday, I got an email from the Boston Athletic Association, telling me my bib number and starting assignment, and Adidas sent me the official Boston Marathon Jacket—so excited to wear it!

I'm in the third wave, which will push off at 10:40am on Monday April 18. I'm used to getting up early on race day (Good morning, 4 o'clock!), so this seems a bit late to me. And I'm wondering if I'll need to adjust my pre-race routine. For my last two marathons the mornings have gone something like this:

Wake up.
Eat ½ cup of oatmeal with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter.
Get dressed.
Put on sneakers.
Check that the timing chip is still attached to my laces.
Use the bathroom.
Head to the bus/subway and get to the start line.
Find the staging area.
Use the porta potty.
Eat a banana.
Drink a Gatorade.
Make sure my GUs are in my shorts.
Hit the porta potty, again.
Walk to the start line.
Feel that the GUs are still there.
Look down at my shoes. (Is the chip still on? Should I retie them?)
Worry about whether I put on enough body lube to prevent chaffing.
Tell myself it's only a long run and to stop freaking out.
Remind myself that people who love me will be at the finish, no matter what.
Sing along with the national anthem.
Wonder if I should jump out of my coral and go the bathroom one more time.
Repeat to myself: "In this moment, I am enough. In this moment, I am perfect."
Take off. (Nice and easy!)
Woah. It makes me anxious just writing it all out. But really, my nerves have come a long way. (I used to throw up before every cross-country meet in high school—so glad I don't do have to deal with that anymore.) Having a mantra that reminds me to have confidence in myself helps tremendously.

What's your pre-race routine? Do you have a mantra that calms your nerves?


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