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Countdown To The Boston Marathon: 60 Days

Two months. That's it, that's all the time I have left to train for the Boston marathon. Am I nervous? Yes! At this point, I thought I'd be feeling a little more confident. I have a great training program through miCoach, and I feel good after most of my runs. But maybe that's the problem. Maybe I should be pushing myself harder so that I feel tired.

I've been running with tech-y stuff all over my body—a stride sensor on my shoe, a heart monitor around my chest, and a pacing device on my waist, and after each run I upload all the stats from my workout into miCoach. And then I get a grade. I got a 93% on this morning's medium distance interval run, and on Sunday's long run I only scored an 80%. I should be hitting 100%, right? (I got straight As in high school; these Bs hurt.)  

I'm probably just over thinking when I'm training. My goal for my next three workouts is to focus more on running—just let my legs do the work and stop worrying about all the gear attached to my body.

Speaking of that gear, I learned from one of the Adidas tech guys this week that the sensors use a 2.4GHz frequency to talk to each other and that the foot pod and the waist device would still be able to communicate on a 30-foot tall runner. (Imagine lining up next to that guy at a race—those would be some seriously long legs!)

What do you do when you're anxious about reaching a goal? Got any confidence tips?


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