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a couple diet tips

Have you ever waited too long to eat your lunch and found yourself starving, ready to consume a whole pizza, and you do?  Well there goes that diet! If you can plan ahead and schedule a time to eat, make sure you allow time to chew your food.  Eating too fast can bring on indigestion  as well as overeating.  Try eating smaller portions,  and eat slower.

 A strong diet plan often includes five small meals during the day.  Its easier on the digestive system and it will keep your metabolism active.  I find it stops you from getting too hungry as well.


 When you go out and eat most restaurants serve way too much food.  Try splitting your meal in half.  Put one half in a doggie bag.  Eat the rest and see if you are satisfied.

Stay away from carbonated drinks, diet drinks included.


 GOOD LUCK  These tips do work, I know because I follow them

Yours in Pilates and health,

Mari Winsor


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