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Oops! Embarrassing Moments That Happen To the Best of Us


I'm a people person—a regular social butterfly. That's not to say I've never found myself in an uncomfortable social situation. Quite the contrary! I've had my fair share of awkward moments, ranging from the smile-and-change-the-subject to the get-the-heck-out-of-Dodge variety.

Read on for some tales of embarrassing, serious, scandalous, and downright silly social situations from the pages of my and my friends' lives (names have been changed to protect the innocent… and the friendship!). After all, the best way to get through life's most anxiety-inducing moments is to know you're not alone, and of course, to hang on to your sense of humor!

1. The "ex" factor. Large social gatherings bring people together—sometimes the wrong people! Prior to catching her boyfriend of two years cheating, my friend Kelly had agreed to co-host a charity event with him—at her home no less! Hundreds of invitations had been sent, the caterer had been paid, and so she put on a gorgeous outfit and a brave face, in other words, she took the high road. After the party she told her now "ex" what road he could take.

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2. Caught in the act. A dear old friend of mine, I'll call her Jessie, recently told me that back in college, she and her boyfriend had decided to "hang out" on the football field one night. They thought they were having a private tour of the 50-yard line, but got caught by campus security instead—mid-touchdown, if you catch my drift.

3. What's in a name? My husband and I were at a party recently when I saw a man I've chatted with many times. I waved him over and introduced him as Michael. He shook my husband's hand and introduced himself again… as Chris. There was nothing to do but claim to have been recently hit in the head with a two-by-four—which of course, resulted in amnesia.

4. From "om" to OMG. A few months ago, I decided to try Bikram yoga. It really helped me relax and all that sweating and stretching induced an unexpected release of toxins—the gaseous kind. I know I should have said excuse me, but instead I Namaste-ed my way out of there, and never went back.


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