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Save the Best for Now


I’m a mom of three and I work from home, so jeans and a t-shirt is my uniform. The few designer clothes I own see the light of day so seldom that I tend to forget I have them.

Case in point, while organizing my closet earlier this month, I came across a beautiful Prada raincoat that I bought on sale eight months ago. The tags were still on it because I hadn’t been able to bring myself to wear it. On the odd occasion that it rained in Los Angeles, I’d take it out, look at it longingly, and then hang it up again, choosing to wear my old ratty coat with the missing buttons instead.

But as I stood there in my closet I had a light-bulb moment: If were going to save my nice one for a special occasion, and that special occasion had to fall on a rainy day, I probably was never going to wear that raincoat.

I started thinking about all the other pretty clothes and shoes I wasn’t wearing, which lead to thoughts about my wedding china, sitting in the cupboard barely used after 20 years of marriage. And then I realized I couldn’t even remember the last time we ate in the dining room table when it wasn’t a holiday. Was I really saving an entire room in my house for special occasions?

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I wondered what would happen if I lifted my self-imposed restrictions and decided to conduct a little experiment. The results: Meals are better eaten off of fancy plates. Not only does the presentation seem to add flavor, good china and silver makes the whole family treat the meal as if it were a holiday instead of just leftover night. Cell phones are put away, the TV’s turned off, and we have a real conversation—occasions don’t get more special than that.

You can declare any day a holiday. Why not take charge and deem every day worthy of breaking out the good stuff? On a perfectly sunny day, I wore that Prada raincoat—to the grocery store. And right there while buying spinach, I felt fabulous.

My parting message to my fellow would-be fashionistas: Life is short. Wear your party dress.


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