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Daily Strategies

My quest is to prepare to start a new life.  By this summer my youngest daughter will graduate high school. My oldest daughter will complete her Associates in Engineering.  My husband is already working at his new job in Florida and I will be more than ready to move out of Illinois.  It will be the start of our empty nest years and, after 26 years of marriage I am excited about starting on the next phase of life.

I'd prefer, however, to start that as a healthier more vibrant person.  I'll be 48 by next summer, way too close to the big 50. I'm overweight (more than 90 lbs) and under healthy. I'm chronically tired and have too much to do to be that tired on a regular basis.

So, this week it's a daily strategy. Five things each day - then, after a week I'll reevaluate and either update my strategy or seek something that works better for me.

This weeks big five:

  1. 1. Get up with the alarm (or before).
  2. 2. Take all my am meds.
  3. 3. Daily cardio.
  4. 4. Take all my pm meds.
  5. 5. In bed and asleep on schedule.

These five items should make a big difference in some basic quality issues.  The goals:

  • 8 hours of sleep a night
  • 30 minutes of cardio daily
  • Allergy and asthma relief
  • Being consistently on time wherever I’m going

More next week – we’ll see how I’m doing.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome!


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