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Dance in the Dark

My school has a performance every fall and spring of several student-choreographed dances, and anyone can join regardless of experience! I’m in a hip-hop dance this semester to Dance in the Dark by Lady Gaga. A few of my friends are in it with me but I didn’t know most of the other students before. Going to practices all semester has been so much fun, meeting new people, tapping into my creative side and asking my body to do moves that it otherwise wouldn’t. Plus Lady Gaga is awesome.

One of the great advantages to being in college is that there are always fresh opportunities for moving; I know the Latin American club hosts free Zumba classes every once in a while and as I mentioned, my friend teaches Yoga for Operation Smile.

Do you seek out changes in your routine? Even if there are no dance classes to be found, nothing’s stopping you from cranking up the music and dancing around like a fool with your roommate… that’s one of my favorite activities! ;)

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