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Dark circles be gone!

Because it is my job, I always test out new creams. But I must admit, I'm like most people, and if I don't see results right away, I move on. So when I heard about NIA 24 Eye Repair Complex ($64;, I figured I'd slather it on nightly for a week and, well, move on--not to be cynical, but I just didn't believe anything could clear up my under-eye situation. By the end of week one, however, I wanted to keep going. The formula has a pro-niacin (a B vitamin) complex as well as Matrixyl, vitamin C, licorice, and caffeine, which work together to brighten and reduce the appearance of puffiness. I had been warned that it would take quite a few weeks (as in six) before I saw a dramatic difference, and it's true, it's been a month now and the results do keep getting better. Just this morning, in fact, my husband told me how well rested I look. He thinks it's because our two kids don't have colds any more and aren't waking up during the night. That helps, sure, but the cream is the real secret.


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