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Day 1

Thought I was headed to the gym at some point yesterday, but the day went on and on and the time for the gym dwindled away. There were errands to run and my only day during the weekend off from work, so I do not feel too terrible about it. The car needed maintenance so walking around the mall for a couple hours was some exercise, at least, more than I usually get while I'm at work or at home sleeping after work. There were good intentions. We wanted to take the bikes out but we needed to get a seat for the kiddo. We went to a few sporting good stores and when we found one we realized our little one is still to small to ride in one and it would be best to nix the idea.

As far as eating today, we ate out twice, but I think that I made the healthiest decisions mostly. 1 plate of salad, but with only spinach leaves, a little shredded carrot, couple olives, few chic peas, a spoon of hard boiled egg, a spoon of diced ham, a few cucumber slices, a sprinkle of sun flower seeds and fat free italian dressing, only enough to get the taste. Virgin iced tea and a cup of vegetable lentil soup. Not so bad, I think. Dinner however, we ate out at a steak restuarant and all i kept telling my other half is how the food was drenched in butter even though I order vegetables for a side. I ate a 6 oz steak, with a spoon of A 1 sauce, 4 rattle snake bites, probably the worst choice, moteray jack cheese, jalapeno filled, fried balls, 1 small roll and brocoli, and carrots a small cup of a couple sprigs and baby carrots. Oh and a glass of Michelob Ultra. I know that meal was not the best choice ever, but I don't think it was too bad and I am not going to beat myself up over it.

After the food, I got a few things from the store for work. I work graveyards twice a week and the evening til midnight on the others. I usually eat something for my third meal during work. This time I choose a special K meal bar, V8 canned juice, and water. My work is often boring, sitting around, so I got a copy of women's health and a copy of the Skinny B*tch and Skinny B*tch in the Kitch to read. Since no one is around during my shift, I am going to at least try to do a few exercises in the office.

Unfortunately I have lacked the much needed motivation to kick start my resolution of 20lbs and a hot bod for my wedding in april. I am the type that over does things and I do not want to overexhert myself, nor do I want to be bored.

If I ever make it to the gym, it will be the first time since I've had my baby. Seven months today. I've been making excuses too long. Time to get the stepping.



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